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Obama Presidential Center announces move of controversial parking structure
The Architect's Newspaper, 01.09.18

After community uproar, Obama Foundation moves parking garage underground
Chicago Tribune, 01.09.18

Controversial Obama Center garage moved: To be underground in Jackson Park
Chicago Sun Times, 01.08.18

Obama Foundation cuts plan for parking garage on the Midway
Hyde Park Herald, 01.08.18

Obama Center will not park cars on the Midway Plaisance, after all
Chicago Reader, 01.08.18

Is Chicago about to ruin Jackson Park?
Huffpost, 01.03.18

SWEET: Landscape group warns Obama Center ‘adverse effects’ in Jackson Park
Chicago Sun Times, 01.03.18

Even Obama is in trouble with preservation groups. At issue? Parking
The Real Deal, 12.30.17

What does 2018 hold for the Obama Center?
Crain's Chicago Business, 12.28.17

Obama Presidential Center won’t move controversial parking garage
The Architect's Newspaper, 12.21.17

Community leaders skeptical about new Obama center garage design
Chicago Tribune, 12.21.17

Plan for parking garage on the Midway is still a go
Hyde Park Herald, 12.21.17

Obama Center designers sticking with Midway Plaisance for garage site
Chicago Sun Times, 12.20.17

Tweaks to Midway Parking Plan for Obama Center, Location Unchanged
The Chicago Maroon, 12.18.17

Obama Foundation to host meeting at Hyde Park office
Hyde Park Herald, 12.18.17

SWEET: Obama Center design team plans changes for proposed garage
Chicago Sun Times, 12.17.2017

Letter: Why does the Obama Center need 20 acres of public parkland?
Chicago Tribune, 12.15.2017

Editorial: The Obama center, now a federal case
Chicago Tribune, 12.12.2017

“Splash Pad Urbanism” and 2017’s other notable developments in landscape architecture.
Huffpost, 12.11.2017

Proposed Jackson Park improvements don’t address concerns, critic say
Chicago Sun Times, 12.11.2017

Landscape Architecture Magazine, 12.08.2017

Federal review begins for Obama Center, golf course
Chicago Tribune, 12.02.2017

Few concrete answers at first meeting on Obama Center federal review
Chicago Sun Times, 12.01.2017

Federal, state and local stakeholders meet at YMCA to discuss federal review process on OPC
Hyde Park Herald, 12.01.2017

Opposition Growing Against Obama Museum Eating Jackson Park
Chicago Architecture, 11.29.2017

Obama Presidential Center headed for federal review this week
The Architect's Newspaper, 11.28.2017

Feds launch review of Obama Presidential Center impact on Jackson Park
Chicago Sun Times, 11.26.2017

Letter: We must not just give away 22 acres of precious public land
Hyde Park Herald, 11.22.2017

Letter: Giving up Jackson Park for Obama Center a rotten deal
Chicago Sun Times, 11.16.2017

Letter: Tod and Billie Tsien’s OPC tower and plaza does not belong in Olmsted’s park
Hyde Park Herald, 11.15.2017

Letter: Reconsider Washington Park for the OPC
Hyde Park Herald, 11.15.2017

Letter: Stop making key Chicago decisions behind closed doors
Chicago Sun Times, 11.07.2017

Editorial: How South Side skeptics view City Hall and the Obama Foundation
Chicago Tribune, 11.07.2017

Barack Obama is building a library — and grappling again with Chicago politics
The Washington Post, 11.07.2017

Park Pals Protest Potential Park Peril from Proposed Presidential Parking Plan
ChicagoArchitecture, 11.07.2017

Few details emerge on evolving design of Chicago’s Obama Library
Curbed Chicago, 11.06.2017

After months of secrecy, a glimpse of Obama Center's evolving design
Chicago Tribune, 11.05.2017

Letter: A tip to Obama center advocates: Try humility
Chicago Tribune, 11.01.2017

Letter: OPC plans would be welcomed if they genuinely promoted development of our neighborhoods
Hyde Park Herald, 11.01.2017

Obama Center architect: Considering moving controversial garage
Chicago Sun Times, 11.01.2017

Letter: Obama's true legacy
Chicago Tribune, 10.31.2017

An Obama library scorecard
Crain's Chicago Business, 10.27.2017

America's 9 most at-risk open urban spaces
mother nature network, 10.25.2017

Friends of the Park Opposes Plan for Obama Center Garage
Streetsblog Chicago, 10.24.2017

The Obama Foundation's surprising challenge: Community organizers
Chicago Reader, 10.24.2017

Community Groups Draft Statements of Opposition to Obama Center
Chicago Sun Times, 10.20.2017

Friends of the Park Opposes OPC Parking Garage, Joins Obama CBA Coalition
Hyde Park Herald, 10.19.2017

MPAC Takes Stand Against OPC Parking Garage Proposal
Hyde Park Herald, 10.19.2017

Residents Launch Campaign to Save the Midway Plaisance
Hyde Park Herald, 10.12.2017

Open Season on Open Space > Jackson Park
Landslide 2017, The Cultural Landscape Foundation
(Open Season on Open Space focuses on nationally significant cultural landscapes, large and small, throughout the United States that are threatened by confiscation, development, energy and resource extraction, and other incompatible uses.)

Letter: What Will the Obama Center Do for the South Side?
Chicago Tribune, 10.10.2017

Jackson Park Watchdog Group Stepping Up Its Efforts
Curbed Chicago, 10.09.2017

Parking for Obama Library May Wipe Out Five Acres of Historic Green Space
The Architect's Newspaper, 10.02. 2017

Obama Presidential Center Greeted with Excitement and Wariness on Chicago's South Side
Los Angeles Times, 09.28.2017

Obama Library Plans Massive Parking Garage, Lacks Holistic Transportation Plan
Streetsblog Chicago, 08.25.2017

One Big Problem With Obama's Presidential Library
Citylab, The Atlantic Monthly, 05.05.2017